Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good day

My mom's friend Abigail just got
Married today in our house! wow! I'm so 
Happy XD I was the Dj for the hole party everyone loved it. I can't believe I was good at Dj-ing. maybe that could be my part time job in college. :)


  1. you could totally do it in college! The dance moves helped! Thanks for being such a big part of our day

  2. Also, I married them! Or, what I mean is, I performed the wedding! At least the legal part.

    Thea, you were a FANTASTIC DJ.

  3. That was a very special night for everyone, especially abigail and heather though the Osborn girls were SO important to making the night what it was. Mommy did a great job marrying them and you did a great job of making everyone happy by dancing. well done thea

  4. Abigail, this might be my all-time favorite picture of you.