Friday, November 2, 2012

aww thats so cute!Or is it?

first i'm nice... oh!no! then i'm  mean! 

then Liam (my bother) is nice awww!!! so adorable

oh! no! he turned mean! waaaahhhhh!!! boo! hoo! its a sibling cute and a monster


  1. Wow! I'm not sure what to make of you too. I may not sleep well tonight. What if you turn into the mean Thea? What will happen?? ;)

  2. Eeek!!! Mean Thea has scary hands!!!!! ;)

  3. First nice - and I am thinking - "wow, how really nice and cute! So beautiful, so handsome. Go forward. Yes!
    Mmmmm, duh - that is scary for Thea.
    And - WOW, look at Liam's teeth. He really does look vampire-ish. Those adult teeth will grow in no time so he won't look vampire-ish for long but in the mean time...
    Step back! Step back! Stay away!! OH, no!!!

  4. What is this? Mean Thea and Liam? I don't know how this could possibly happen. I have never known either of them to be mean!!! Must be the awesome power of Halloween.