Sunday, November 4, 2012

fun fun fun!!!!!!!

Me, Liam, and my dad all went to Buddy Attick Park. It was so fun there while we were taking a picture we saw someone catch a fish so we asked him if we could take a picture of his rainbow trout and he said we could hold it too! It was so fun after we took the pictures we talked to the guy who caught the rainbow trout then we started walking again (all around Buddy Attick lake is 1.25 miles). We saw dogs, geese, ducks, and fish. The weather was cold but not too cold it was rather nice outside which is my opinion. Liam was hot and my dad was cold. And the lake was beautiful.

But there was 1 flaw in the lake...THERE WAS LITTER!!! DUN DUN DUN! But it actually it wasn't that bad because we cleaned it up right away and threw it in the trash. But as we were walking along we saw more and more litter! It's so sad that people litter :( next time when you go to a park maybe you can help clean


  1. Thea. I am SO proud of you and Liam for taking the time to clean up that awful litter. Like you I can't understand why people would throw things on the ground when there are so many trash cans around. Good for you for doing what everyone should be doing.

  2. People who litter are showing their character.

    When you think about how many critters are injured by litter, I am so glad you picked it up.

    A friend of mine is sure that when you die, your soul will have to pick up everything you ever littered in your whole life and carry it around for eternity. While I can't say whether he is right or wrong, I have to admit there's a part of me that enjoys the image of someone crawling along under their garbage forever. Because I enjoy the thought of someone being so tortured, even if it is of their own making, I think I am rather mean spirited. Only the mean spirited take pleasure out of someone else's pain. Still, I like the idea.